Monday, September 5, 2011

Recent Reading 6

Police Procedure & Investigation by Lee Lofland

Plainly put, this book is never leaving my desk. It's the best single source of police information I've ever laid my hands on. From the routine business of a patrol officer to the specialized forensics of crime scene investigation, this book covers it all, and in surprising detail considering all the varied topics Lofland handles.

As writers, we've got to be careful because as it turns out, TV and movies aren't terribly accurate in showing how the police really work. I know, go figure. But Lofland's been there, done that, and lays it out for us, giving us those details that bring storytelling to life but which are so hard to come by in other texts. For example, did you know that drivers that try to run from the police make more right-hand turns? And his first-person account of attending an autopsy will blow you away.

Of most interest to me are the parts about murder investigations. Awhile ago I bought a copy of The Death Investigator's Handbook. It's thick and thorough (read: redundant) and as tough to chew as a sandpaper and dust sandwich. Lofland's book covers everything essential in the Handbook, in an infinitely easier-to-absorb manner.

Lofland also has a blog, The Graveyard Shift, which is similarly entertaining and illuminating, and is teaching at the Writers' Police Academy later this month.

The Call From Within by Eri Nelson

Aw, is this going to be the sweet tale of a misunderstood fantasy creature seeking love? NOPE. This is the rip-roaring introduction to werewolf Owen, who senses his mate and has to have her. Animal need and animal drive is the heart of this book, which alternating left-right combos of sexuality and adrenaline. This novella skips the filler and surges from one intense scene to another.

The story follows Owen leads his fate-mate, Kristen, away from the danger of her ex, an obsessed shape-shifter, and a shadowy figure with a vengeful agenda. Owen's clan, the Dearharts, have a reservation in Wyoming, on Big Horn Mountain. Reading that made me rub my eyes, because that's the turf of Joe Pickett, star of the novels I've previously described. Now I want a crossover, with the game warden stumbling on a bunch of werewolves.

Til then, though, I'll wait for the second book in the Dearhart Clan series. Be sure to visit Eri's website and follow her on Twitter (@Dearharts) and Facebook.

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