Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Things I Stumble Upon, Part I

I frequently hop online with a concrete notion of what I'm looking for, but wind up hopelessly sidetracked. I could set out on a hunt for a movie quote and wind up checking out the movie's prop master's blog, then two hours later there's a guide to scuba regulators on my screen and I rub my head and wonder where I am and how I got there.

During one of these Momento-esque sessions of time-murdering, I meandered onto a message board thread about Nancy Drew computer games. A post there led me to You Tube and a series of video walkthroughs of said games by a user named arglefumph. Each video is accompanied by an affable voiceover, addressed to the "Nancy Drew Clue Crew," and I just could not stop watching them. And that's not because of the games--I haven't played nor do I plan on playing any of them. It's just that his narration is upbeat and often quite funny.

Arglefumph, aka Michael Gray, also has a blog that I've started following, because he does ridiculously creative things like make two chatbots, one representing George Washington and the other Abe Lincoln, talk to each other.

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