Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Random Observations on the Casey Anthony Trial

*Casey Anthony has apparently modeled her life on that Seinfeld episode where George is trying to bluff his dead fiance's parents into buying his story about owning a house in the Hamptons. The best part of the episode involves George telling them--as he's driving them to the house he doesn't have--how he's got horses there, named "...Snoopy and...Prickly Pete." While we were laughing, Casey was taking notes: If you're going to lie, lie big and stick to it. Then she underlined that, five times.

*Leonard Padilla's office looks like he turned on the Home Shopping Channel and said, "Fuck it, whatever's on, that's what I'm buying to decorate my place with," and it happened to be time for the knife show. Not the modern civilized knife show, the old one where they sold huge rainbow-handled hunks of Pakistani steel named The Destructinator and MegaKnife 2.

*I'd check that courthouse's HVAC system for Legionnaire's Disease. I haven't heard people in court hacking so much since State of Ohio vs. SARS.

*In the time it takes for an attorney at the podium to call up and send a digital item to the witness and jury, which often involves blank stares and several people gathering around to troubleshoot the system, they could have just handed people hard copies of the same material. It's like Skyping with someone in the next room.

*There's something grimly amusing, but irritating, about a lawyer who clearly enjoys his new found celebrity accusing witnesses of testifying for fame and money. Forget that congressman, wait till Jose Baez's cell phone pics leak out.

*Casey Anthony is constantly making a duck face like she's wearing a mouth guard. Maybe pretending to cry is really stressful on your teeth or something.

*I never figured a guy who spends a large portion of his time around decomposing bodies would strike me as charming, but Arpad Vass made for both a good and entertaining witness. Go figure.

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